The Actors Gang reads Hélène Cixous’s Philippines — June 9

Actors' Gang reading Philippines at 18th Street June 9

On Sunday, June 9, from 4-7pm, Christiane Georgi, Jeanette Horn, and Mary Eileen O’Donnell from The Actors’ Gang will do a live reading of Hélène Cixous’s book Philippines in the Interior Forest at 18th Street Arts Center.

In Philippines, Cixous explores the philosophical and sociological constructs of the “Other,” linking texts from Sigmund Freud on the shared dream, Jacques Derrida on telepathy, and the story of Peter Ibbetson, a novel by Georges du Maurier, where two childhood friends separated by class and country are reunited as adults in their joined dream-life.  Alexandra Grant’s project the Interior Forest explores the “twinned” ideas of Philippines, such as dreaming and reality, telepathy and empathy, and relationships between man and woman, adult and child, and colony and colonizer, through illustration of the text, an installation of the forest as image and stage-set, and through collaborations with other artists and the public.

In the last 31 years, The Actors’ Gang has produced over 100 plays in Los Angeles, in forty US states, and on five continents. The company was founded in 1981 by a group of young artists looking to build a theatre that would present relevant and vibrantly entertaining plays. Guided by Founding Artistic Director, Tim Robbins, the company provides a supportive environment for a diverse ensemble of artists and the development of their groundbreaking work.  The Actors’ Gang presented Cixous’s play “Oy!” last year and will restage it this fall.

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